Who Are We?

The Boss

Robin Wilson | Wilson Roofing Division Owner

Owner Robin Wilson with daughter Kyra

Robin Wilson is the owner of Wilson Roofing Division. With her oversight on all aspects of the operation, Robin insists on quality and professionalism throughout the company.

As the only woman sole owner of a roofing company in the region, at least that we know of, Robin understands the responsibilities of not just owning a roofing company, but owning ANY company in a small town like Steamboat Springs.

Community involvement, strong business leadership and and a responsible business footprint are just a few of things that make Robin Wilson the perfect owner for Wilson Roofing Division.

In addition to the everyday responsibilities associated with running a highly respected roofing company, Robin can be found in the community volunteering at the local schools and teaching fitness classes at local businesses.

The Guy

Seth Wilson | Wilson Roofing Division Steamboat Springs

Sales Guru and Roofing Expert Seth Wilson and daughter Kyra

Seth Wilson is ‘The Guy’ at Wilson Roofing Division…as in Lead Sales Guy and daily projects. With a lifetime of experience in construction and roofing trades, there isn’t anything Seth hasn’t seen when it comes to a roofing system.

Seth is the one that takes the lead on all sales, inspections and job oversight. His dedication to each and every project that comes through Wilson Roofing Division is obvious with his hands on approach.

Seth also makes sure that the skilled carpenters and roofers working on your project are taking care of business in a way that makes Seth & Robin proud. And, that makes you happy because you are getting a quality product, done right.

Together, Robin and Seth have the experience and understanding of the roofing needs of our small mountain town and are a dedicated part of the Steamboat Springs community. They have built a strong business from the ground up and are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of a large majority of the roofs around Steamboat Springs.

The Glue

Every organization needs glue…and at Wilson Roofing Division that glue is named Malea Michael Ferrier. Malea is the estimator and office administrator that makes everything else go.

Often your first contact will be with Malea. With over 10 years experience in the construction industry, Malea has the expertise to provide you with solid numbers that you can count on for your roofing project.

**Note…despite repeated attempts, the elusive Malea has managed to avoid having her picture taken for publication. We continue to work on this…**