Here at Wilson Roofing Division our prayers go out to friends and our families on the front range that are being affected by the catastrophic flooding.

While we’ve certainly been wet here in Steamboat Springs, the images and stories from the front range break our hearts for our Colorado brothers and sisters.

That said, the only thing we truly control is our reactions to the situations we find ourselves in. We know first hand that Colorado residents are resilient and will all bounce back better than ever.

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All of the rains in Northwest Colorado have brought us many beautiful rainbows, like this one. But our thoughts and prayers are with our friends and neighbors on the front range…

But, there will be a big and long rebuilding process…of highways, bridges, homes and families.

And it is with that that we’d like to pass on some tips for hiring a roofing contractor to repair damages to your home or business.

This cant be said enough…do the due diligence and make sure your contractors are insured for their trade, roofing or otherwise.

Natural disasters like our recent catastrophic rains will bring out the best in people as strangers reach out to help others in need.

Unfortunately, disasters like this also bring out persons who choose to take advantage of the victims.

Remember, you should never feel forced to make a hasty decision or to choose an unknown contractor at any point in this process. Just follow these simple tips and you should have any issues getting your roof and property repaired.

  • Make sure to check with your insurance company about policy coverage and specific filing requirements. Save all receipts if temporary roofing repairs are necessary.
  • Don’t be pressured into making an immediate decision with a long-term impact.  In times like this it’s easy to let our emotions dictate our decisions, but you must make sure you do what’s necessary to get your property repaired correctly, the first time.
  • If you have major damage, make sure to shop around and get 3-4 estimates based on the same specifications and materials.
  • Always check out references that are at least one year-old, verifying that you are dealing with legitimate companies that call Colorado home.
  • Be wary of the door-to-door repair offers. If the price or speed that they can get things done seems to good to be true, it likely is.
  • While most roofing contractors abide by the law be careful allowing someone you do not know to inspect your roof. An unethical contractor may actually create damage to get work.
  • Require a written contract agreement with anyone you hire. Be sure their name, address, license number – if applicable and phone number is included in contract. Read and understand the contract in its entirety, don’t sign a blank contract and a copy of the signed contract is to be given to you at time of signature.

A clearly written, detailed contract is typically a good sign that the contractor you are considering is thorough, professional and has prepared an accurate estimate.

Here is a partial list of things your estimate or proposal should include:

  • The type of roof covering, manufacturer and color
  • Materials to be included in the work, e.g., underlayment, ice dam protection membrane, guttering, etc.
  • Scope of work to be done
  • Removal or replacement of existing roof
  • Flashing work, e.g., existing flashings to be replaced or re-used, adding new flashing, flashing metal type
  • Ventilation work, e.g., adding new vents
  • Installation method
  • Approximate starting and completion dates
  • Payment procedures
  • Length of warranty and what is covered, e.g., workmanship, water leakage
  • Everything that is included…who will haul away the old roofing materials and/or project waste (e.g. extra materials, packaging, etc.)? Is there extra charge for this service?

Unfortunately, disaster chasing has become a multi-million dollar industry. We’ve seen it in Colorado when it comes to our legendary hail storms, and now we will see it with this unbelievable front range tragedy.

Remember, whether it’s storm damage or just that time, you can trust Wilson Roofing Division with all of your residential and commercial roofing needs throughout Colorado.

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