Roof Repair & Replacement Season in Steamboat Springs

Posted on: May 15, 2014 by in Roof Repair
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With spring and summer upon us in Steamboat Springs, it’s time for you to fix or repair your leaky roof.

The best thing to do is CALL A ROOFER, like Wilson Roofing Division, at (970) 871-0442.

Steamboat Springs warmed up early this spring, and that let us get a jump on an older home in downtown Steamboat.

Steamboat roof tear-off

It starts with tearing off the existing roof…


We started by taking the roof off this old home built in the early 1900’s. The original roof was an old asphalt shingle overlay¬†1″x8″ skip sheeting.

At some point in time the asphalt shingles must have started leaking and the roofer of that century decided to overlay with the V crimp metal roofing. Wilson Roofing Division tore this roof down completely to the original subframe.

The next process helps ensure positive attachment of the new roof by overlaying substrate with 7/16 OSB and the Carlisle 300 high temp underlayment to be applied over the substrate.

Steamboat Springs re-roof

We do what it takes to make sure the roof is dried in to last a lifetime

This is key because in Steamboat Springs you can’t rely just on good finished roofing alone, it needs help by installing a water tight underlayment that can keep out water and ice. We can see 90 pound to 125 pounds snow load on your roof in the Yampa Valley, and your underlayment is a huge part of keeping water out of your home.

Anyway, at that point on this job it was time for the new roof, but this was also a great opportunity for the homeowner to upgrade their facia before we put the new metal standing seam roof on.

The homeowner decided to go with 24 gauge white Drexel metal wrapping the old 2″x6″ facia. It’s hard to resist with a 35 year paint warranty.

new metal roof Steamboat Springs

Beautiful new standing seam metal…

Also, just as a part of doing business the right way, Wilson Roofing Division goes the extra mile by removing siding in order to get a proper dry in and get counter flashing installed to protect the home.

The final roof on this particular home is a beautiful red, standing seam metal roof with everything in place to protect this home for years and years to come, even with the extreme Steamboat winters.

So make sure you call an experienced Steamboat Springs roofer when the time comes for a new roof for your Steamboat or Yampa Valley home or business.

Wilson Roofing Division is always available to discuss your Steamboat Springs roofing needs at (970) 871-0442.