It’s that awesome time of year again in Steamboat Springs where the trees are beautiful and full of color and everyone knows that winter is right around the corner.

Steamboat Springs gutter cleaning

Make sure your gutters are clear of debris before the heavy snows hit…

But with all that colorful Steamboat Springs fall foliage comes those same pretty leaves falling to the ground and, worse, into your gutters.

At Wilson Roofing Division we can clean out your gutters and make sure they are ready for the long Steamboat Springs winter.

We reseal all the seams for you and make sure the gutters are secure to the structure and also make sure that all drainages are clear so that the melting ice and snow can drain from your roof like it should.

We’ve talked a lot about how ice dams form on your roof, and it’s amazing how many roofs we have to shovel and remove ice dams from every winter because of blockages in water drainage areas…you know, gutters!

When gutters are clogged they can overflow, cause ice dams like we’ve discussed, and force water into your home or business. Nobody wants that!

Also, the gutters can get so heavy that they pull away from the trim or siding and that creates a perfect situation for rot to develop.

Many in Steamboat Springs are ‘do it yourself’ type of people when it comes to gutter cleaning, and that’s just fine with us.

But you really should, at least once every few years, have your gutters professionally cleaned and maintained to make sure that you don’t have a developing problem.

So don’t neglect your gutters this fall, or you could regret it this winter.

Call Wilson Roofing Division today at (970) 871-0442 to schedule a gutter cleaning and pre-winter roof inspection.