Arctic Steamer Ice Dam Solution

Arctic Steamer – Ice Dam Solution                                                                           Commercial Ice Dam

Protecting one’s home from ice and snow during the winter is a fact of life for residents in colder climates. Many people are looking for a quick and efficient way to resolve their ice dam problems.

The Arctic Steamer relies on high temperatures and low pressure to safely remove ice and snow from roofs, downspouts, sewer lines, and more.

Don’t let other companies convince you a regular hot water pressure washer will work as well as the Arctic Steamer. While high pressure is sometimes appropriate for melting ice from sidewalks and parking lots, it can cause damage to shingles and roofs. Also, our steamer operates at the optimal temperature of 290 degrees, which results in less water run-off, faster ice removal, and an overall cleaner ice dam solution.

Ice Dam Removal