A True Story – Why Venting Your Roof is Important?

Posted on: July 22, 2013 by in Roof Repair
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How important is venting to your Rocky Mountain roofing system? Let us tell you a little story…

In early December 2012 we received a phone call from a customer saying that they had extreme ice dams on their roof.

Upon investigation, including climbing around in the attic, we discovered that the roof had no ridge vents of any sort or even an exhaust vent.

Roofing Ridge Vents

It is really important that your Steamboat area roof be vented…

But the really interesting part was on top of the roof there were actually rolled ridge vents installed. Just no vents in the roof.

Luckily for our customers, the fix for this was relatively simple. Unfortunately for our customer, we wouldn’t be able to get to this until the snow melted.

If you remember last December, it started snowing the first weekend of the month and really didn’t stop until January. Just another typical winter month in Steamboat Springs, right?

Once we were able to get to this job, we removed the shingles from the roll vent and the old ridge shingles. We then cut the ridge open with a skill saw to allow 2 inches on both sides of the ridge to vent.

Then we just re-installed the old vent and new ridge cap shingles.

This repair was done a few weeks ago as the Steamboat summertime temperatures reached into the 90’s.

What is really neat about this story is just days after our repair was completed the customer called us and told us that their whole house felt cooler.

The outdoor temperatures had gotten hotter but inside they were cooler.

And the better news for this customer is they won’t have any ice dams this coming winter now that their roof is property vented.

The moral of this story?

Give Wilson Roofing Division a call…you never know how we might be able to cool you down in these hot summer days…and save you headaches during the long Steamboat winter.

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