6 Keys To Your Metal Roof in the Rocky Mountains

Posted on: July 18, 2013 by in Metal Roofing
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At Wilson Roofing Division we truly believe that a metal roofing system is the absolute best for your Steamboat Springs property.

And we aren’t the only ones who feel that way as year after year the residential metal roofing industry sets new records.

Metal Roofing in Colorado

A high quality metal roof is the best choice for your Colorado home or business.

So as you consider a metal roof for your Steamboat area home or business, whether you are doing business with Wilson Roofing Division or someone else, we’ve identified 6 key factors to keep in mind for your new metal roof.

  1. Finished Coating – Metal roofs come in many colors, but the most important factor is the durability and fade resistance of your finish. You want to make sure that your new metal roof will keep it’s new look for years to come.
  2. Open Valleys – Even though it’s often out of site, the valleys on your roof are a gathering ground for all sorts of debris, from leaves and pine needles in the Steamboat summer to ice and snow throughout our Steamboat winters. You want to make sure that your new metal roof does NOT have a ‘closed’ valley system with hidden waterways to channel water off your roof. This is not the way to go as these systems get clogged and ultimately cause problems, including expensive leaks. An ‘open’ system carries water and debris away on the top of the roof, greatly reducing the chance of clogging or drainage back-ups.
  3. Premium Products – The Metal Construction Association has developed a Quality Certification Program that recognizes the products and manufacturers that meet or exceed high levels of standards when it comes to the use of raw materials and processes of manufacturing. At Wilson Roofing Division we strongly recommend products and manufacturers that are a part of this program.
  4. Flashing – With so many custom buildings and designs in the Yampa Valley, it is common to see parts of your roof that require special care, from skylights to chimney to flared gables and similar features. It is important to understand the special flashing that your contractor will use in these areas as a correctly installed metal roof does not rely on the sealants that are prevalent in typical shingle or shake roofs.
  5. Warranties – Know what warranties you will be getting and who they are from. At Wilson Roofing Division you will receive warranties covering everything from the installation and workmanship to the integrity of the materials that go into your finished product.
  6. Ventilation – Good roof ventilation is so important to your building’s long term integrity. A well ventilated roof helps prevent ice dams in the Steamboat winters and keeps your home cooler during the summertime heat of the Yampa Valley. Make sure that your new metal roof is well ventilated to insure that you won’t have costly repairs down the road.

At Wilson Roofing Division in Steamboat Springs, we are always available to answer your roofing questions, whether it’s a metal roof or not. You can reach us at (970) 871-0442.

It is our goal to help you make informed decisions that provide the best long term roof protection for your Steamboat home or business.